KEY materials

These key materials are primarily aimed at agricultural advisors, who act as an interface between science and practice and guide and support farms in the development of individualised climate strategies. However, the aim is also to enable ambitious farmers to prepare for the challenges of climate change independently. It is not only important which climate protection and adaptation measures are ultimately implemented on the farm, but above all how the decision-making processes can be organised and that they ultimately lead to implementation. A partially stadardised procedure has been defined for a ressource-optimised advisory process. 

Work Package 2: ClimateFarming Consultation Course

This work package offers a comprehensive consultation offer, supporting farmers in applying climate adaptation and mitigation strategies. The target group of this vocational training are consultants who want to provide their farmers with knowledge and skills on how to use the latest advancements in the field of regenerative agriculture and climate resilient farming as well as innovative approaches to tackle climate and environmental challenges in agriculture.

Work Package 3: ClimateFarming Train-the Trainer Course

This work package offers material for trainers on ClimateFarming Consultation. The direct target groups of these WP3 activities are: VET educators, teachers from HEIs, trainers, farm advisers. Our goal is that participants of the training will become familiar with the content of the ClimateFarming Consultation.

Work Package 4: Climate Farming Implementation

This work package offers material for farmers and trainers on how to implement the knowlodge and skills learned in the previous Workpackages on farms.

Work Package 5: Online Learning in Climate Management​

The learning platform will be available in 2024.